Azure AD Guest Limited Access or not?

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This is a first of a few article that I will write about Office 365/Azure AD Guest Access.

Allowing access to Office 365 content (OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Groups, Planner, PowerBi, etc) is a cool, but it can become a nightmare when you deal with highly confidential or sensitive documents.

Don’t get me wrong some people were making nightmare about these documents before the venue of Office 365.

In the series of article, I will try to demystify guest access and help you understand the different settings/options available to grant access to Office 365 to Guest or External Users.

Let’s start with guest access control in Azure AD.

In the Azure Active Directory Admin Center, you have some control of what External users/Guest can do.

One of the setting allows you to make sure that Guest users permissions are limited.

The description says:

Yes means that guests do not have permission for certain directory tasks, such as enumerate users, groups or other directory resources, and cannot be assigned to administrative roles in your directory.

No means that guests have the same access to directory data that regular users have in your directory.


In fact, an administrator can go to Azure AD and assign an administrative role to a guest even if you say Yes to Guest users permissions are limited.

I have opened a ticket with Microsoft Support and they told me that this is a design behavior as of now.

Don’t be mislead by this setting and make sure your Azure AD administrator understand that it does not do as it says, yet…


Microsoft Teams at MITPro

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mitproOn Thursday November 30th, come an join us at the MitPro Usergroup at Microsoft Montréal (2000 McGill College, 5th Floor) at 18:00 where I will be presenting a session on Microsoft Teams.  You can signup at


SharePoint Online Attention views being rolled out

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During the Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando, It was announced that SharePoint Online will include Attention views.

Attention views provides a way to quickly take action on items in your library that need attention Ex : Required metadata.

Here is a preview of the attention view that was shown by Lincoln DeMaris (Principal program Manager at Microsoft) during the Microsoft Ignite 2017.

Attention Views are being rolled out to a tenant near you for the First Release customers.

Prepare your training materiel and your help desk!

To learn more about attention view you can watch this Microsoft Ignite Session.

This is where I took the print screen for this article.

Configuring Adding external users to Microsoft Teams

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We can now add external users to Microsoft Teams.

The restriction, for now, is that the external user needs an Office 365 account.

  • The Office 365 account does not need to be in your tenant.
  • External user invitation is not turned on by default.

To allow external users to be members of a team you need to :

Sign in to your Office 365 administration portal with a administrator’s account

In the Office 365 administration portal

On the left bar

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Services & Add-Ins

In the list of services

  • Click on Microsoft Teams

In the Settings by user/license type section of the Microsoft Teams configurations

  • Click on the arrow next to Business & Enterprise

In the choice’s box

  • Click on Guest

Once guest is selected make sur that the switch is On for the option to Turn Microsoft Teams on or off for all users of this type 


Important : This is a global setting. This means that external users will be able to be added to all Microsoft Teams on your tenant.

Office 365 changes to SharePoint Online Pages

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Got this message from the Office 365. The fix would be to use SharePoint Designer to edit the master page..


We’re making some changes to SharePoint Online pages

Plan For Change


Published On : September 22, 2017

***UPDATE: After further consideration, we are not rolling out this change, now. Based on your feedback, we have a few things we’re going to work on.


If we roll this out, in the future, you will see a new message center post.

*** Original Message read: We’re making some changes to SharePoint Online pages running the classic user experience. We’re changing the default document mode of all classic pages to be Edge mode, instead of Internet Explorer (IE) 10 mode.


This change does not apply to sites that are using custom theming, or sites that have the modern list experience disabled at the site or tenant level.

This change will begin rolling out Tuesday, October 1, and will complete by the end of October.


How does this affect me?

For most users, this change will just increase performance and reliability of pages. However, some custom master pages or custom web parts may contain custom code that takes a dependency on the older IE10 document mode.

What do I need to do the prepare for this change?


If you have sites with this kind of customization, the sites can be reverted to use the IE10 document mode by doing the following:

1. Open the site in SharePoint Designer.

2. Edit the master page that is in use.

3. Find this line:< SharePoint:IECompatibleMetaTag runat=”server” /> And replace it with:< meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=10″/>

4. Save the page and reload the site.

Please click Additional Information to learn more about document mode changes.

Off to Microsoft Ignite 2017

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I am sitting at the airport in Montréal, waiting for my flight to Orlando to attend the Microsoft Ignite 2017.

Microsoft Ignite is a huge Microsoft conference with 1687 sessions, about the different Microsoft products and Technologies.

For those who know me, my subjects of interest are SharePoint and Office 365 collaboration tools.

With 1687 sessions, it will be tough to pick which sessions to attend. I have done a breakdown of the sessions available for my subjects of interest:

  • 191 sessions about Collaboration
  • 174 sessions with the word SharePoint in it.
  • 123 sessions about Microsoft Teams
  • 106 sessions that will talk about Groups
  • 70 sessions about OneDrive
  • For those that tought that Yammer was dead, there are 60 sessions about Yammer.
  • 11 sessions about Planner.



The conference is 5 days (6 for those who are participating in pre-conference sessions).

There is no way we can see all these sessions in one week. Fortunately the sessions are recorded and they are normally made available to all very quickly.

On top the the sessions,

  • There is the Exhibitor room where we will be able to hear about different 3rd party products
  • There is an expert area, where we can ask questions to Experts about the different products
  • There are Hands On Labs to get a chance to test the product and technologies.
  • A certification and testing area to prepare yourself for certification exams and take certification exams
  • You get a chances to meet and greet with people for around the globe
  • Microsoft has booked Universal Studio for the attendees for one night


I am looking forward to learn new stuff to be able to share with you during and after the week.

Office 365 Groups expiration

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Microsoft has announced a new configuration settings for Office 365 groups, where you can set an expiration date for a Group.

« You can now manage the lifecycle of Office 365 groups by setting expiration for any Office 365 groups that you select. Once this expiration is set, owners of those groups are asked to renew their groups if they still need the groups. Any Office 365 group that is not renewed will be deleted. Any Office 365 group that was deleted can be restored within 30 days by the group owners or the administrator”

This will help a lot to manage the Groups lifecycle.

The only problem is that it will not be available to everyone. Your company will need an Azure Active Directory Premium licence assigned to the administrator who configures the expiration settings for the tenant and to all members of the groups selected for this setting.

Office 365 Groups Expiration is now available in Preview.

More information and source for the image and the quotes:

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