New feature: Message translation in Teams

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Looking forward for this new Feature as we are working in a multilingual environment.

It was already in Yammer, nice to see it coming in Microsoft Teams!

Note : This rollout is excluded from Office 365 subscriptions in our Office 365 Government Community Cloud and Office 365 Germany environments.


Update July 18 2018 : It’s now live on my tenant. I did not need to activate anything.

Just click on the (…) next to a conversation, click Traduire (or Translate), and the message will be translated in the language of your Microsoft Teams client.


From Microsoft :


Published On : June 29, 2018

Inline message translation is a new Microsoft Teams feature. This feature allows your users click the Translate button (in the overflow menu for any message) and see that message translated to their client’s UI language. We’ll be gradually rolling this out to all customers in mid-July, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of July.

This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 31475.

How does this affect me?

Inline message translation is being rolled out off by default for your tenant. If you wish to allow users to translate messages inline within the Teams client, then you can turn this setting ON in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center.

This rollout is excluded from Office 365 subscriptions in our Office 365 Government Community Cloud and Office 365 Germany environments.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You don’t need to do anything, but you may consider turning the setting ON to allow users to translate messages inline within the Teams client.


Microsoft Team hidden from Outlook

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Microsoft has recently deployed a new feature that automatically hides a new Microsoft Team from the Outlook Global address list and from the Groups section in Outlook (See Microsoft Message below).

In order to show the team in Outlook you need to use the new property in the Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet called HideFromExchangeClients.

This command will show your Team in the Outlook Global address list and in the Group section in Outlook.

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Your Team’s name” -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$False

Note: there might be a delay before the Team is shown in Outlook.

If you only want to show the Team in the Outlook Global Address list and not in the Group section, you need to execute the following command instead.

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity ” Your Team’s name ” -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled:$False

It would be great if a there would be an option in the Team’s settings to hide or show the Team in Outlook, instead of having to use PowerShell, then the Team owner could change the behavior. If you like this idea you can vote for it in UserVoice :


Messagge that was sent to the Office 365 Message center :

Updated feature: Office 365 Groups created from Microsoft Teams will be hidden from Outlook by default

Based on your feedback, we’re improving how Office 365 Groups display across the Office 365 suite. New Office 365 Groups generated as a result of creating a team in Microsoft Teams will no longer show in Outlook by default.

This change will result in a more tailored experience in Outlook by removing groups which are predominately used in Microsoft Teams. For organizations that want to continue with the existing behavior of showing these groups in Outlook, an Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlet will be provided which can enable the group for the Outlook experience.

This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 26955.

How does this affect me?

When users create a new team in Microsoft Teams, the Office 365 Group associated with that team will no longer show in Outlook. The group will not be visible in the Outlook left hand navigation and will not be visible in the address book. Additionally, the group name will not resolve when attempting to resolve the address while authoring a new mail message in Outlook.

Groups created through Outlook and then later enabled for Teams will continue to show in both Outlook and Teams. Additionally, groups that were already created prior to this change will continue to display in both Outlook and Teams. This update will gradually roll out across Outlook and Teams in the coming months.

Groups created in Teams will continue to be visible in Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint Online home, Planner, and other groups experiences. This change affects visibility in Outlook, only.

We’ll be gradually rolling this out to Targeted Release customers starting late-April, and the roll out to the rest of the world will be completed by the end of August.




Create Microsoft Teams from Template

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There are a lot of users asking to be able to create a team from a Template.

From UserVoice it says that creating Teams from Template is on the backlog :

Last week at the SharePoint Conference North America,  at the Microsoft Teams booth I saw that we could Create Team from Template. (See image below)

It would then show the list of available teams to use as a Template.

Don’t hold your breath, It’s still in testing, but it looks good.

Maybe you will see this soon in a tenant near you!

Full document library integration in Microsoft Teams

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This week at the SharePoint Conference North America there were many announcements about Microsoft Teams.

One of the announcement was that we will eventually see full SharePoint Document library integration in Microsoft Teams.

When the feature becomes available, you will be able to add a document library tab to a channel to:

  • View and edit documents
  • Select and change views
  • Use Filters
  • Quick edit mode
  • Synchronize the documents to your desktop
  • Use Flow
  • Add columns
  • Column resize
  • Rich row formatting

There was no commitment on a release date.


Image source :

Success with Microsoft teams

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With Microsoft teams being globally available this week, Microsoft is providing their customers with a great set of documents and tools to prepare to have a successful Microsoft Teams deployment.

Microsoft has prepared this set of documents to plan and run team Workshops!

Microsoft has made available a Bandwith Calculator to help you plan your bandwith usage

You will also find some videos to learn more about using, deploying and operating Microsoft Teams


Click here to gain access to this great set of tools!

Have fun with Microsoft Teams.

Chat with style with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft teams is the new communication tool that Microsoft is adding to Office 365 subscriptions.

With the Microsoft teams coming out this week, here are some tricks to add style to your conversations.

The chat tool allow you to add text, attachments, emojis, sticker and video conversations.

Adding text

You can add style to your text conversation by clicking on , where you can set your text to bold, Italic and more.

You can also add style to the chat by using the Markdown syntax.

Here are some commands that you can use in your chat box.

*yourboldtext* will show the text in bold

_yourItalicText_ will show the text in Italic

[YourTextInSquareBracket](YourUrlInParenthesis) will put a hyperlink on your text.

Here is list of what you can do with Markdown in Microsoft Teams:




Bold text


bold text

Italic text


italic text



Numbered list

Start your conversation with 1. Item one

Then when you click enter the numbered list will continue


1. Item one
2. Item two

Unordered list (use * or -)


· Item one
· Item two

Hyperlink (Add your text between square brackets)


Here’s a link.

Multi-line code block


(not available)

Inline block of code


(not available)





Adding Emojis

Adding Stickers

Adding attachments

Adding attachment to your conversation is cool, but you have to make sure that you have a great naming convention to find your document. There is no search available (at the moment), you have to rely on the file name.

The attachment tool will show you your most recent documents, documents from your OneDrive for Business or the documents from your team.

For more information, see this link: Getting the best messaging experience


If you like keyboard shortcuts, here is a list of shortcuts that can be used with Microsoft Teams.

Have fun with team conversations.

Global availability of Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft is holding an online session on March 14th at 8:30 a.m. to launch the global availability of Microsoft Teams. Follow this link to signup

Microsoft Teams is a Chat based tool that has been available to Office 365 customer that have activated First Release. The new tool has received great reviews and will be globally available on March 14th.

If you want to learn more about teams have a look at this page, where you will find explanation and the following links.

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