Microsoft is making it easier to make decisions for the off-boarding process of Office 365 users by providing a Guided workflow for deleting Microsoft 365 users.

From the Office 365 Admin center when you delete a user you will now find available options about what to do with licences, about granting access to another user to the OneDrive for Business or the mailbox and turning on automatic replies on the mailbox.

It’s a simple thing that helps admin to make the right decisions when a user is no longer required in your organisation.

Microsoft says it will keep improving the guided workflow. 

Our goal is to provide timely, concise help directly within the context of the admin center so that you can deliver the highest possible service quality to your end user. Look for more actionable intelligence and guided workflows as we continue to improve the Microsoft 365 admin experience. To stay up to date on the latest news and features for Microsoft 365, join the conversation in the Microsoft 365 Tech Communities and on Twitter.



automatic replies

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