Create Microsoft Teams from Template

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There are a lot of users asking to be able to create a team from a Template.

From UserVoice it says that creating Teams from Template is on the backlog :

Last week at the SharePoint Conference North America,  at the Microsoft Teams booth I saw that we could Create Team from Template. (See image below)

It would then show the list of available teams to use as a Template.

Don’t hold your breath, It’s still in testing, but it looks good.

Maybe you will see this soon in a tenant near you!

Full document library integration in Microsoft Teams

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This week at the SharePoint Conference North America there were many announcements about Microsoft Teams.

One of the announcement was that we will eventually see full SharePoint Document library integration in Microsoft Teams.

When the feature becomes available, you will be able to add a document library tab to a channel to:

  • View and edit documents
  • Select and change views
  • Use Filters
  • Quick edit mode
  • Synchronize the documents to your desktop
  • Use Flow
  • Add columns
  • Column resize
  • Rich row formatting

There was no commitment on a release date.


Image source :