I am sitting at the airport in Montréal, waiting for my flight to Orlando to attend the Microsoft Ignite 2017.

Microsoft Ignite is a huge Microsoft conference with 1687 sessions, about the different Microsoft products and Technologies.

For those who know me, my subjects of interest are SharePoint and Office 365 collaboration tools.

With 1687 sessions, it will be tough to pick which sessions to attend. I have done a breakdown of the sessions available for my subjects of interest:

  • 191 sessions about Collaboration
  • 174 sessions with the word SharePoint in it.
  • 123 sessions about Microsoft Teams
  • 106 sessions that will talk about Groups
  • 70 sessions about OneDrive
  • For those that tought that Yammer was dead, there are 60 sessions about Yammer.
  • 11 sessions about Planner.



The conference is 5 days (6 for those who are participating in pre-conference sessions).

There is no way we can see all these sessions in one week. Fortunately the sessions are recorded and they are normally made available to all very quickly.

On top the the sessions,

  • There is the Exhibitor room where we will be able to hear about different 3rd party products
  • There is an expert area, where we can ask questions to Experts about the different products
  • There are Hands On Labs to get a chance to test the product and technologies.
  • A certification and testing area to prepare yourself for certification exams and take certification exams
  • You get a chances to meet and greet with people for around the globe
  • Microsoft has booked Universal Studio for the attendees for one night


I am looking forward to learn new stuff to be able to share with you during and after the week.