Microsoft has launched the new Microsoft Technical Communities.

“The Microsoft Tech Community is an evolution of the Office 365 Network, growing to support new Azure; Windows Server, and SQL Server Communities and in future many more communities. The URL of the new community will change soon to and redirects will be in place for any existing URL on the domain”


This will be the new place to get technical information, you will be able to ask questions and have experts from around the world that will be available to help you. The idea is not new, we had MSDN Forums, Yammer groups etc. The new technology should make it easier to users to ask questions and to find technical answers.

Microsoft is moving away from the Yammer groups to the new Tech community, here is the answer from Microsoft to someone that was wondering what will happen to the existing Office 365 Network on Yammer that has now been moved to the new Tech Community.

“Hi Sergio, posts from the Office 365 Network on Yammer will not be migrated to the Microsoft Tech Community. On September 15th all existing members of the Office 365 Network will not have access to the old network. If there is any content (files, notes etc) that you want to keep, please do so before the network closes.

To provide some more info that I have mentioned previously on the Office 365 Network for additional context:

•The move of the Office 365 Network away from Yammer is to allow for unauthenticated viewing and indexing community results via search. This scenario of supporting Internet-public forums is not what the Yammer product is for. We believe there are other, more important investments for Yammer that will benefit customers more. Yammer is for collaborating and communicating in smaller (yet still large – our largest today would be around 500k-600k users) organizations and networks.

As a company we are still very much committed to Yammer as a product. We believe it provides a best-in-class enterprise social solution for our customers and we have millions of Office 365 customers using Yammer. The product team are making many changes to handle this scale.

•The Office 365 Network provides tremendous value to our customers through the power of network knowledge and collective experience sharing, which would be highly beneficial if discoverable by Bing and Google search. However today most customers who have not joined the Office 365 Network on Yammer can’t find that information. We have not turned SEO on but already we have seen a huge spike in membership. Of course the shutdown of this network is an impetus to drive people to the Microsoft Tech Community. If this community did not provide value to its members we wouldn’t see us hitting over 10,000 members today. We expect many more to join during Microsoft Ignite and after the event has finished. SEO will be turned on before Microsoft Ignite.

•We established early on that read-only access is not possible on Yammer networks. If that option was available to us we would have explored it further but sadly it isn’t.

Migration of conversations is a loaded topic because 1) for a migrated conversation to be meaningful every person on that thread needs to be a member of the community. 2) Turning SEO on means anyone can view and read your conversations. The Office 365 Network on Yammer was a closed network and community results could not be searched. To respect the privacy of members who do not wish to have their conversations found via search engines, we are not migrating conversations to the new community that allows for unauthenticated viewing.”

If you have not signed in yet goto : to enjoy the new community