This week was a busy week for Microsoft with a few announcements. First of all it was this week was the launch of Office 2016, the new version of Office 2016 which includes:

Improved co-authoring

Simplified Sharing

Shared notebooks

Real-time typing

Modern attachments

Mail Triage (Clustter)

Improved Version History

One-Click Forecasting

New Chart types

OneDrive Integration

Skype Integration

Cross-Platform, Cross-Devices

And more

You can find more about the new feature on this link and this article

One of the new feature of Office 2016 is the integration of Office 365 Groups in Outlook. Microsoft also launched a new mobile app called “Outlook Groups“. The mobile app is available for Windows Phone, iOs and Android. It will allow you to take part in the latest discussions, share photos and notes and collaborate on files on your favorite mobile device.


Finally Microsoft has also announced “Planner” which will which offer people a simple and highly visual way to organize teamwork. Planner will be part of Office 365 and will be integrated in Outlook 2016, Outlook groups mobile app, Office 365 Boards. “Each plan has its own Board, and within each Board, each work item or task is represented by a Card that can have due dates, attachments, categories and conversations associated with it. Team members receive an email notification whenever they are assigned a new Card or added to a conversation.”

“Office 365 Planner will be available in preview to Office 365 First Release customers starting next quarter.”