No plan to ship SharePoint Foundation in 2016

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Today in a YamJam Bill Baer (from Microsoft) said :

We are not Shipping SharePoint Foundation with SharePoint Server 2016″  Howerver, SharePoint Foundation is an important component of SharePoint, and we will continue to evaluate how customers are using SharePoint Foundation so we can deliver on those Scenarios in the right way

We will see how customers will respond to this announcement.

La conférence Ignite de Microsoft sur Channel 9

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Pour ceux qui n’ont pas la chance d’être à Chicago pour la conférence Ignite de Microsoft, Channel 9 a déjà commencé à publier les vidéos des sessions :

Bon visionnement!

PS : Il y aura de nouvelles sessions à tous les jours jusqu’à la fin de la conférence (8 Mai 2015)


The Evolution of SharePoint: Overview and Roadmap at MSIgnite

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At Microsoft Ignite Bill Baer and Seth Patton talked about the roadmap to SharePoint 2016. A few announcements were made, hopefully there will be more announcements during the week.

As expected SharePoint 2016 will be the first major SharePoint release that will be using the cloud/Office 365 as the foundation. (Mobile 1st, Cloud 1st…)

For SharePoint 2016, there will be an emphasis on Hybrid scenario. In the past, hybrid deployment were in place to mitigate migration pain points, now Hybrid means adding great functionalities to your OnPremises environment.

In one of the demos, Bill Baer showed us the new Hybrid search results. In the search results page of SharePoint 2016 configured in search hybrid scenario, you will have a single result set that will show content/results from both On Premises and Office 365. In SharePoint 2013 you needed two results sets to have the same result, it’s a better and cleaner integration.

We also saw that it will be possible to see results from both OnPremises and Office365 in the Delve Dashboard. Microsoft is planning to ship an update to 2013 to leverage Delve in SharePoint 2013 OnPremises/hybrid.

They also announced a few infrastructure/management changes in SharePoint 2016.


  • In order to solve patching issue, they will be introducing zero downtime patch management where patching will occur while the SharePoint sites are online.


  • Finally SharePoint 2016 will introduce new roles. In SharePoint 2016 when the SharePoint Configuration Wizard will be executed, you will have the option to select a predefined role for your server. Each roles is bound to a specific set of services that will be executed on your server in order to provide the best performance and scalability.

I’m hoping to hear more about these new features during the week.

They did not mention dates for the release of SharePoint 2016, the just mentioned that the first public Beta of SharePoint 2016 should be coming out later this year, and the release candidate will be out in the spring of 2016.

Stay tune more to come!

OneDrive Site Folders

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Did you know that Office 365 Onedrive keeps track of the SharePoint sites that you are following, to make it easier to access the documents stored in these sites?

Steps to try it out:

  1. Connect to your office 365 subscription
  2. Go to a SharePoint site and click “Follow”

  3. Click on the “Office 365 app launcher” and then click on “Onedrive”

  4. On the quick launch (left nav bar) of your Onedrive page, click on “Site folders” to view document libraries from sites that you are following.


    Cool feature that makes documents that you work with easily available from anywhere!