Just in case you have missed the article from Stefan Goßner, starting this month (February 2015) Microsoft will include SharePoint Cummulative Updates in the Windows Updates.

Nothing will change If automatic Windows Update is not configured on your SharePoint Servers.

If your servers are set with Automatic Update or if a Windows Update Server (WUS) is pushing Windows update to your server, you will receive the SharePoint CUs as part the the Windows Update.  You will then have to plan to run PSConfig on your SharePoint Servers to complète the update. http://blogs.technet.com/b/stefan_gossner/archive/2015/02/12/sharepoint-cus-and-windows-update.aspx

It is always been recommanded to test Updates, Services packs and CUs before installing them on your servers.  This recommandation has not changed…

Please verifiy if you have Automatic Update configured on your SharePoint Servers!

Here is a link to the article:


Update:  On March 2nd there was another article that annonunced the following:

We want to let everyone know of a change to the patch delivery strategy for Office server products. As of March 2015, all Office product updates will be offered via Microsoft Update except for non-security updates for server products. Individual and “uber” server product updates will be published only to the Microsoft Download Center and customers can download/schedule/plan/test accordingly.

Please note that this does not affect security fixes for server products as they will continue to be available via Microsoft Update.