I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting at the 3rd annual SPSOttawa event on November 22nd.

The organizing committee has lined up a great list of talented speakers. You should not miss this event.

It would be a great timing to visit Canada’s national capital region!

Here is a description of the session that I will be presenting.

SharePoint 2013: Managing access and security or sharing?
With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft made it easier than ever to share documents, images, videos and more. It is easy to share, but how can I make sure that the right users have access to my documents? Users are changing department, do they still have access to my document? What if they leave the company? Do you really know what happens when you break permission inheritance? This session will help you to understand the SharePoint security model, the securable objects and the tools that are available to manage SharePoint access and security. You will also learn how to use fine-grained permissions, to create new permission levels and much more.