Microsoft came out with some informatoin about InfoPath on this article.

Here are some questions and answers from the articl:

1.  Will Microsoft be shipping another version of InfoPath?

No, there will not be another version of the InfoPath desktop client or InfoPath Forms Services. We are focusing all of our investments on new intelligent, integrated forms experiences across Office technology.

2.  How long will InfoPath be supported?

  • The InfoPath 2013 client will be supported through April 2023.
  • InfoPath Forms Services for SharePoint Server 2013 will be supported until April 2023.
  • InfoPath Forms Services in Office 365 will be supported until further notice.

For more information on InfoPath Forms Services support in Office 365, please review our Online Services Support Lifecycle Policy.

3.  What should I use to build and complete forms?

You should continue to use InfoPath technology.

4.  Will there be a migration tool or process for the next generation of forms technology?

We’ll provide more details on migration scenarios and guidance in Q4 of CY 2014.

5.  What will the new forms capabilities be in SharePoint, Access, and Word? When will they be available?

We’ll be sharing updates throughout the year, with a sneak peek in March at the SharePoint Conference.