I have just finished building a BI demo machine with this codeplex project http://sharepointdemobuilds.codeplex.com/. After completing the installation/configuration you will have demo sites with PowerPivot, PowerView, Visio Services.

To build your demo machine you will have to install the following content packs that are provided on codeplex (detailed installation instructions are provided on the codeplex site):

  1. Active Directory Content Pack Demo 2.0
  2. SQL 2012 SP1 Content Pack Demo 2.0
  3. SharePoint 2013 Configuration Demo 2.0
  4. PeoplePack – UserProfile Provisioning Demo 2.0
  5. Self-Service BI Demo 2.0 Content Pack
  6. Visio Services Demo 2.0 Content Pack

The content packs are automating AD configuration with account creation, SQL 2012 SP1 installation and configuration, SharePoint 2013 installation, User profile service creation/configuration including profile data and pictures for the users, SharePoint sites creation and configuration including PowerPivot and PowerView. Finally when you run the Visio Service content pack you will be provided with a site collection filled with Visio Services demos, videos and HOL.

In the sites you will also find Demo Scripts that provide you step by step instructions for great BI demos.

Have Fun!