Office Remote for Windows Phone 8

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A few weeks ago I dropped my Microsoft presenter’s mouse on the floor and broke it.  I was using it mainly in presentation mode to click thru my PowerPoint slides during sessions and trainings.  There was also a laser pointer included in the mouse that was usefull.

I was going to try to find a new one until I discovered Microsoft Office Remote. It’s a Windows phone 8 apps that allows you to use a Bluetooth connection to your PC to remotely control your office apps on your PC.  You need to install this add-on on your pc.

With the add-on you will get a new tab on your Office applications, to turn on Office Remote.

Once this is done, from your phone you start the Office Remote App, you will then be able to remotely control a PowerPoint presentation from your Phone.


More information on the Office remote web site

Free training at Virtual Academy

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Did you know you can have free training at the Microsoft Virtual Academy?

Here are links to some of the free classes:

Developing Microsoft SharePoint® Server 2013 Core Solutions Jump Start

Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start

Have fun

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa

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Last Saturday I participated at the SharePoint Saturday Ottawa event.  It was a great event, well organized, I met a lot of old and new friends.  I presented a session on the top SharePoint 2013 misconfigurations that I see when I get to visit/help client.

The session was designed for people that are planning to install SharePoint 2013 and don’t want to fall in the same trap as others before.  If you have already installed and configured SharePoint 2013, you will have already solved most of these issues.  If you are interested by the subject you can see my slides on slideshare.

Build a BI demo machine

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I have just finished building a BI demo machine with this codeplex project After completing the installation/configuration you will have demo sites with PowerPivot, PowerView, Visio Services.

To build your demo machine you will have to install the following content packs that are provided on codeplex (detailed installation instructions are provided on the codeplex site):

  1. Active Directory Content Pack Demo 2.0
  2. SQL 2012 SP1 Content Pack Demo 2.0
  3. SharePoint 2013 Configuration Demo 2.0
  4. PeoplePack – UserProfile Provisioning Demo 2.0
  5. Self-Service BI Demo 2.0 Content Pack
  6. Visio Services Demo 2.0 Content Pack

The content packs are automating AD configuration with account creation, SQL 2012 SP1 installation and configuration, SharePoint 2013 installation, User profile service creation/configuration including profile data and pictures for the users, SharePoint sites creation and configuration including PowerPivot and PowerView. Finally when you run the Visio Service content pack you will be provided with a site collection filled with Visio Services demos, videos and HOL.

In the sites you will also find Demo Scripts that provide you step by step instructions for great BI demos.

Have Fun!

New SharePoint 2013 governance documents

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If you are involved in SharePoint 2013 governance projects you will be happy to hear that Microsoft has published a set of posters on the subject.

You will find the following posters:

Good reading!