I am at the SharePoint Summit in Toronto where I will be doing a presentation on Visio services on Wednesday. This morning I had the pleasure to sit in a session presented by Ruven Gotz and Richard Harbridge (Practical Tools & Techniques for the SharePoint Information Architect). It was happy to see that Ruven metionned me during his description of Metadata.

Almost everytime I explain Metadata, I give a real life experience where metadata can help you.

I give my story of looking for a can of pea soup at the grocery store. If all the cans where grey, and there would be no signs on top of the rows at the grocery stores, you would need to walk thru every rows and open every cans to find the right can. It could take you a while to find your soup…

To help you find the pea soup faster, there are signs on top of the rows to find the right row quicker, and on all the cans there are labels with pictures, brand and description of the content.

I have to say that I have heard a similar description from a session for someone from Park Canada at a SharePoint conference.