SP2010 Best practices for using fine-grained permissions

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Brief Description

Describes best practices for using FGP when implementing SharePoint 2010 Products or SharePoint Products and Technologies.


This article describes the use of fine-grained permissions (FGP) for SharePoint® 2010 Products and SharePoint® Products and Technologies; performance issues related to FGP; and best practices for configuring solutions that include FGP.



SP2010 profile import LDIF

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Lightweight Directory Interchange Format (LDIF) files for configuring profile synchronization in SharePoint Server 2010

Brief Description

Files that can be used when configuring profile synchronization by using an LDIF file in SharePoint Server 2010.

For context about using these files, see Configure profile synchronization using a Lightweight Directory Interchange Format (LDIF) file (SharePoint Server 2010)


The following files can be used when configuring profile synchronization by using an Lightweight Directory Interchange Format (LDIF) file in SharePoint Server 2010:

  • Config.xml file, which contains the default schema that is supported by SharePoint Server 2010 when creating an LDIF management agent (MA).
  • Import.ldif file. which is a sample LDIF file that you can use as a reference or use for testing purposes.





vulnerability affecting ASP.NET and SharePoint

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Microsoft has recently released a Microsoft Security Advisory for a vulnerability affecting ASP.NET.  This post documents recommended workarounds for the following SharePoint products:

  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Windows SharePoint Services 2.0

A workaround is not necessary for SharePoint Portal Server 2003. 

The workarounds for the affected versions of SharePoint and Windows SharePoint Services listed above are temporary measures that do not fix the underlying issue but help to block known attack vectors until an ASP.NET security update is released.  We will provide instructions on how to revert the workarounds when the security update is released.

Microsoft recommends that all affected SharePoint customers apply the workaround as soon as possible.  You should apply the workaround to every web front-end in your SharePoint farm.

Source:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sharepoint/archive/2010/09/21/security-advisory-2416728-vulnerability-in-asp-net-and-sharepoint.aspx


SharePoint 2010 product comparison

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If you want to compare what feature comes with the different editions of SharePoint 2010 you can go to this site: 
You will find a nice table that compares SharePoint Foundation VS SharePoint Server Standard and Enterprise. 
Be aware that under the Enterprise edition it says that you have access to these features:
Advanced Content Processing
Advanced Sorting
Business Intelligence Indexing Connector
Contextual Search
Deep Refinement
Extensible Search Platform
Extreme Scale Search
Rich Web Indexing
Similar Results
Thumbnails and Previews
Tunable Relevance with Multiple Rank Profiles
Visual Best Bets

They are in fact available with the Enterprise version of SharePoint Server 2010, but you need to have a Fast Server in order to use them.


Intel® and Microsoft Present Parallelism Techdays

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Intel® and Microsoft Present Parallelism Techdays

Free 1-Day Course on Parallelism from Intel and Microsoft, with demonstrations of Intel® Parallel Studio and Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010

Learn directly from Intel and Microsoft when you attend this free one-day course on parallelism and threading. This is a great opportunity learn about threading your applications for multi-core platforms. This course is targeted for Windows* C++ developers using Microsoft Visual Studio*.

The performance benefits of application parallelism on modern computing platforms will come from threading software. Learn how to develop software that utilizes many cores! Familiarity with threads is helpful, but not required (target is beginning- to intermediate-experience with threads, experts would not benefit as much from this course).

Parallelism Techdays Agenda:

The course starts at 9:00am and concludes at 4:00pm. 6 hours of instructional time, plus breaks and lunch. Training on parallelism plus instructor-led demos of Intel and Microsoft products for parallel programming:

Sept. 20, 2010
Sept. 22, 2010
Sept. 28, 2010
Sept. 29, 2010

San Francisco
Seattle / Bellevue